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Seishun High app: Gashiyuin Yuuhi by HikaruLife Seishun High app: Gashiyuin Yuuhi by HikaruLife
For this wonderful group~ :iconseishun-high:

Cause we all need an awkwardly handsome megane dork in our lives, right?

Name: Gashiyuin (Andrew) Yuuhi

Nicknames: Gashiyuin-kun, Yuuhi-kun, Yuu-san? ( You can call him anything you like as long as you give him a reason cause he thinks there needs to be a reason for everything. :P )

Age: 18

Date of birth: May 8

Grade: 3rd

Club: Track

Height: 197cm

Weight: 75kg

Staying at school or home: Home ( but gets tangled up with his friends to stay at school )

Sexual Preference:Most likely GAY straight. But he goes well with anyone. c:

Amount of Royal Points: n/a

Level: 0


Ability: Mimic -Time limit 15 seconds, Cool down duration - cannot be used again until 20 seconds have passed. Must be in contact with a character to mimic an opponents action. He can mimic abilitys but it only deals half of the damage. He can also mimic features for a short period of time. (See example 1.) His eyes change colors depending on the powers he copy. (See example 2.) Mimic is an overpowering ability that some says that there is a law that limits them.

Weapon: Falchion Sword


What some might think of him - {Smart, calm, GAY, quiet, serious.}
Some might think of him as an elite so he must be smart and serious all the. Because of his aperence some will see him as quiet and calm. Anyone can tell that he's gay

Who he actually is - {Polite, shy at first, smart/intelligent, deep thinker,  friendly, a bit ambitious but he hides it in}
Yuuhi is always polite to anyone. Even if he's mad he'll make a very smart comeback to you to regret what you said... He gets his intelligents from when he was in the elite elementary school. Yuuhi will smile from time to time, but rarely. When he does it means that he is truly happy from his heart. Yuuhi is a deep thinker and is not scared to make different opinions from others. At first he will be shy but once he gets used to the place he'll be friendly to everyone. Like any boy he will get ambitious towards new things but he keeps his sane and hides it in. 

Yuuhi was born in America, making him a half. His farther Japanese and his mother American. He was first named Andrew untill he realized he has the ability to mimic others. Something rare that not anyone can happily ecsept. He was in an elite private elementary school where not so many has special ablities, making him stand out was a target to the bullies. Even though he was able to mimic abilitys he wasn't able to control them at all which made him weak. From day to day it was a nightmare to him. Everyone called him a "copy cat" when they passed by. Without making any nice memories nor friends, he was going into his last year of elementry. One day he took a different way back home, some of the strongets kids at school suddenly came up to him and picked up a fight against Yuuhi. Of coarse he refeused, but that didn't stop them. They started to beat Yuuhi. Yuuhi could only face down and cover his face. He closed his eyes tightly, wishing that he would just die. But at that very moment, the beating suddenly stopped. Yuuhi was too scared to take his hands off his face so he peeked though his fingers to see what was going on. There he saw a group of kids around the same age as him, beating up the bullies with no mercy. The kids were using a wide veriety of abilites, bending fire, controling shadows, telekinesis... Yuuhi realized at that moment that he was not alone. When the bullies finally ran off to their mommies, Yuuhi took his hands from his face and gazed up to a kid in front of him who was wearing a oversized blue jacket but was very short in height. "You alright?" The kid asked to Yuuhi. He just nodded. The raging light from the sunset was so bright he couldn't see the faces of the kids who saved him. "Yuuhi." The kid who wears the blue jacket called to him. " Somthing that just poped out of my head, Yuuhi! It means sunset in Japanese ya know? I'm gonna call you that from now on. Besides you look great in orange!" and throwed a orange jacket to him to cover up the mess on him. The other kids made a smile on there faces and laughed while "Yuuhi" stuffed his face in the jacket he got and pored out tears of happiness. He didn't understand why they have saved him but he knew now that the nightmare was over. "I'm Hikaru! Come on, let's go home together buddy! It's umm... what day was it today?" "I-It is Friday" Yuuhi answered.  On that day beyond Yuuhi changed himself, he got his parents approval to change his name to "Yuuhi" and went to a new school. A special school where secrets say not only the normal can go to. Hikaru and  friends teached Yuuhi everything they can in their last year of elementary. After they graduated they all bought their first weapon together. Yuuhi's was a Falchion sword.

As Yuuhi goes to middle school him and his friends were popular from being able to use multipule abilities. They tend to stay away from the fame and tried to live their lives to the fullest. Yuuhi always goes home with Hikaru and the rest of their friends just to see the sunset together. They played pranks on each other and to the teachers or the student council. Of coarse, Yuuhi never got caught because of his elite looks and runs fast as well as Hikaru. Those happy days didn't last long. Rummors spead that Hikaru is leaving the school. Yuuhi could not understand why. Why Hikaru didn't tell him. Why Hikaru kept it a secret. The two of them got into a huge fight. Yuuhi had no chance against Hikaru. Other friends tried to stop Hikaru but nobody had a chance. During the fight Yuuhi collapsed to the floor, Hikaru pinned down him with his own Falchion sword and said "Come pick me up, kay?" Those were the last words from Hikaru and walked out of the school.

5 years has passed and as one by one his friends has sent off to look for Hikaru. When he finally realized he was alone once again, a box arrived to him without an address. Inside the box contained a school uniform from a very special school in Japan. 
He finally knew where his long lost friend was at. Yuuhi flew over sea and examed for the school Seishun High. He got in but he found out was that Hikaru was not there. Yuuhi was very disappointed but once he first attended his new school he felt something. He couldn't say what but he chosed to say, hoping for something that would lead to Hikaru. 

Every morning Yuuhi will get out of bed,  walks to school and gazes up at the tall buildings thinking to himself  
"What story shall we create?........" 

Likes: Sunsets (Aspecially on Fridays), Friends, orange things, walking, playing pranks on the student council sleeping, ect...

Dislikes: Bullies, cold weather, rude people

•He usually use です "desu" and ます "mas" at the end of his sentences.
•Yuuhi only talks about his past to his close friends. 
•One of the things he is good at is getting information (Yuuhi used to be the one who collected information in his groups of friend) He does't need to throw his pride away for to get info out of people. He'll just get it out of you when time passes by...

None yet. ;u; 
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